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Upcoming Webinar

Interested in saving an average of 15% or more on your facility’s energy costs? Join Consumers Energy experts to learn how by enrolling in Retro-Commissioning Programs. These programs include several offerings designed to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings, often at little to no cost.

When: Monday, October 19th from 12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT.

Where: Your device, we will send you a link after you register.

Why: Every building uses energy uniquely. Retro-Commissioning Programs aim to find your building’s hidden energy saving potential through free assessments. During the assessment, our experts uncover energy waste reduction opportunities and give you an actionable plan to reduce energy and save money.

Our teams will support you every step of the way to help your facility reopen safely by following ASHRAE (industry standard) guidelines all while saving your school energy and money.

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Speaker Bio

John Nametz CEEM

ProgramsRetro -Commissioning Programs – Strengthen Your Building’s Energy IQ

John Nametz CEEM, QCxP joined the Consumers Energy Business Energy Efficiency Program in in 2009 as a Senior Energy Engineer.  In addition to working with the core incentive program, he has developed the Retro - Commissioning programs from a pilot to specialty core programs and has expanded the offering over his 10 year tenure..


Mr. Nametz serves the utility industry by bringing years of diverse experiences in the energy and engineering fields.  John has a BSME in design from Michigan State with graduate work in Mechanical Engineering and Business.  His past career includes engineering and management positions at Whirlpool, Western Michigan University, Ford Motor Company, Engineered Custom Lubricants and independent consulting in engineering, management and forensics.  His current position with Consumers Energy Business Energy Efficiency Program utilizes his credentials including Certified Energy Manager, Qualified Building Commissioning Process Provider, and a Certified Level II Building Operator.

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Speaker Bio

Audrey Ewen, CEM

Audrey Ewen serves as the Program Manager currently managing the Building Tune-Up retro-commissioning Program with Consumers Energy.  Audrey’s primary expertise and strength is using her organizational skills to successfully implement on time and on budget energy efficiency programs. She has over 12 years of industry experience ranging from program design, implementation, to program evaluations. 

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