September 2017

Hello Western Michigan ASHRAE Chapter members

We are all looking forward to another great year of speakers and outings. We encourage all our members to attend for support and professional development.

This year’s Spring Grand Haven Fishing and this year’s Golf Outings were a great success, the Fall Traverse City Fishing outing will be September 7 & 8.

All are welcome to our monthly membership meetings on the 3rd Monday and Tuesday of the month from September to May. There is a Kalamazoo Lunch and Grand Rapids Dinner meeting on Monday and a Traverse City Lunch meeting on Tuesday. See the monthly newsletter for dates, times, locations and topics.

Meet the 2017-2018 Board.

Glenn Glidden is our President. He will be following in the footsteps of past presidents to keep our chapter on track.

Matt Tighe is our President Elect and Chapter Technology Committee Charmain (CTTC). He will be setting up the topics and speakers for our meetings this year, if you have any meeting topic suggestions you can contact him. Matt will provide the Professional Development certificates at our meetings.

Chris Caprara is our Vice President and Membership Promotion (MP) Chairman. He will be recruiting new members and keeping track of members renewing their membership annually. When you do renew your membership please remember to pay the local chapter dues, these funds help us keep meeting costs reasonable.

Dan Howell is our Treasure this year. He will be making sure we collect and distribute the funds as needed to maintain our chapter operation.

Andrew Bosse is our Secretary this year. He will be documenting out monthly board meetings and learning all of the ASHRAE acronyms.

Jesse Hendershot is our Student Activities Chairman. He and the board will be working on two scholarships that our chapter will be awarding to students attending engineering and HVAC schools. Jesse also is leading our chapters STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) involvement. If you are an ASHRAE member and involved in STEM activities please let Jesse know, it will help our chapter gain PAOE (Presidential Award of Excellence) points.

Jesse is also our YEA (Young Engineers in ASHRAE) chairman. He will be working on getting our chapter ASHRAE members 35 years of age and younger involved in a wide variety of programs, events and opportunities.

Ryan Fiebig is our monthly Newsletter Editor. You can contact him if interested in advertising your business card in the newsletter.

Scott Smith is our Web Master. He is keeping it up to date with future activities, pictures of past activities and lists of donors that sponsor these activities. This year you will be able to prepay on line for both the Grand Rapids dinner and the Kalamazoo lunch meetings.

Adam Doubblestein is our Honors and Awards Committee Chairman and our Grass Roots Government Activities Committee Chairman. There are many awards available for projects that members can submit for consideration, there is a list and submission instructions on the ASHRAE Society website. Adam is also serving as Chairman of our Region V ASHRAE Membership Promotion (MP) Committee.

Paul McWatters is our Chapter Historian. He archives our chapter information each year, records interviews with senior members and displays our chapter banner at meetings.

Thad Kuzma is our new Research Promotion (RP) Chairman.

We would like to thank Ryan Fiebig for organizing the Spring Fishing Fundraiser, Tom Beatty and Melissa Melton for organizing the Fall Fishing Fundraiser and Ryan Fiebig, Tom Billups and Denny Metz for organizing the Golf Fundraiser. In addition we would like to thank all of the companies that donated to and sponsored participants to attend these events.

We are currently looking for a northern section lead to help setup the meetings in Traverse City. If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer please contact the board to help.

Dave Shugars, James Harrison, Paul McWatters, Jim Merlino, Bob Penninga and Scott Smith make up our Board of Governors who lend their wealth of ASHRAE experience to the board.

We would like to support another community enrichment project if possible. If you have any volunteer projects you think ASHRAE could help with please present them to the board. Contact information for the board members is on the front page of each newsletter. It should be another great year and we hope to see you at all the meetings you can attend.

Glenn Glidden
2017-2018 Western Michigan ASHRAE Chapter President